Owie Katowie

by Tobias Gebb

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This song, similar to the other 'Twin' song Baby McBee, is full of puns, double-meanings or double entendres. At first blush one may think this song is about a union boss on the work scene but, alas, the union boss is a reference to my son Owen. At times he has a solid, blue-collar, tough-guy look about him. Thus, the nickname Union Boss was born. Likewise, our other twin son Sawyer is always smiling. He really knows how to turn it on! For some reason his grandmother pulled out the name Good Time Charlie due to his happy nature (no, not the other inappropriate meaning).
I have a love of New Orleans-style music whether it be Cajun, Swing, Blues, R&B, jazz, etc. For whatever reason, this feeling was on my mind when the hook for Owie Katowie was born.
The piano solo is performed by one of my best friends from my college years - James Rohr. He is a great musician, singer and song writer based in Boston. His band - The Blue Ribbons - has become a mainstay of the greater Boston area music scene. Please check them out here on Band Camp or on Facebook. The band members have been playing together for over a decade and you can hear it in their music. They're mix of Americana music styles has been described as “Ray Charles and Tom Waits on a pirate ship with Sun Ra and Captain Beefheart.



Well, union boss calls over time and what are we to do
Gonna jump down turn around and do as he so chooses,
Union Boss calls all the shots and he got his bro in tow
With a winning smile and a bit of guile they got us working in their show

Owie Katowie, yes my Owie (2x)
Owie Katowie, and Beany Baby, the twins will run the show

Well, Good Time Charlie what do you know, a happy man upon the scene
Helping the boss out whenever he can, gonna keep the work place clean
Union boss gonna ring the bell and let us off the hook for sure
But it's 3am and he's at it again he's howling at the moon

Owie Katowie, yes my Owie (2x)
Owie Katowie, and Beany Baby, the twins are on the go

Just when you think that you're in the clear and the boss is in the real
Well he inch-worms up with a look in his eye and his brother's always near
Weighing in he's a heavy-weight with the toughest look for sure.
With a nickname like the 'Toaster' he will smoke them all for sure,

Owie Katowie, yes my Owie (2x)
Owie Katowie, and Beany Baby, the twins will run the show

Piano Solo

Owie Katowie, yes my Owie (2x)
Owie Katowie, yes my Owie, and Beany Baby,


released May 11, 2017

Me – Lead and backing vocals, organ, drums
Louis Rogers - Backing vocals
James Rohr - piano,
Kevin Harris - Bass
Engineered and partially mixed in my “man cave”, S.I.T.H. Studio here in Washington Heights, NYC.
Andre Fratto stepped in with the final mix and mastering



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Tobias Gebb New York, New York

New York City based drummer, composer and educator. His music has been in the top 10 on US jazz radio charts, featured on Amazon and iTunes, and has been on TV shows like Dexter, Parks and Recreation.

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